Maria Georgiana Williams
Maria Georgiana Williams. She was known by her nickname, "Daisy," and only lived to age 16. Despite her short life, she spent half of her life in New York City and half in Amherst, Virginia.

Her family. Daisy's mother, Indiana Fletcher, was born in Amherst and her father, James Henry Williams, was from Vermont.
Excelsior Diary
Diary. Daisy was a prolific writer who regularly wrote letters and kept a diary. We have transcribed the entries that she wrote while in New York City and illustrated them with photos.

Letters. Daisy wrote letters to her family, frends, and servants between the 1870s and her death in 1884. We have transcribed some of these letters.
Map of Manhattan
Locate Daisy's urban haunts as mentioned in her diary. Peruse a google map so that you can locate historic photos of the businesses, churches, trolleys, and apartments.
Documentary evidence

Documentary evidence. Our understanding of Daisy's life and family has been pieced together from hundreds of letters, documents, and phtographs. In this section we transcribe some of the written sources that helped us recreate Daisy's everyday life and relationships in New York City.

If you have additional archival leads, please let us know.