Tusculum Mini-Grants

The Tusculum Institute is happy to announce a bi-annual competition for student research grants. These mini-grants (up to $350) will be awarded early in the Fall and Winter terms (see the next deadline on the right-hand column). Students should write a 2 to 3 page (double-spaced) proposal outlining their research question(s), how they will answer that question, and what funds they require to complete the work. These mini-projects should be multi-month projects and the sponsored work will be "due" by the end of the term in which the grant was awarded. The final product can be a written report, website, or other creative product. Each student should find a faculty sponsor. Dr. Rainville is also available to assist in supervising student research.

These projects should focus on some element of "local history," broadly defined to include botanical, sociological, archaeological, political, artistic, etc. approaches to local research. To read about our inaugural winne,r Karen Samples '14, please visit the January Newsletter page.

Next Deadline

The next grant proposals will be due February 19, 2014. The maximum request is $350.