Follow the links above for information on our annual Teaching with Historic Places Conference for K-12 teachers and museum educators. There is also a link to an SOL-based lesson plan which uses Sweet Briar's historic plantation house as the focus of a history lesson based on architectural, archaeological, and historical resources.


Interested in learning more about the field of Historic Preservation? Considering earning an advanced (or undergraduate) degree in this field? Follow the links below to Academic Programs, Employment guides, and more information about the growing field of sustainable Historic Preservation. Or, download a 15 page preservation career handbook written by Jordanne Ryan '12 with helpful information about careers in the preservation field.

Earn a Degree in Historic Preservation

The National Council for Preservation Education maintains a chart of undergraduate and graduate degrees on their website as does the National Park Service on their website. The courses offered through these programs teach students about architecture and the built environment so that they can make informed recommendations as to which buildings to preserve. Topics of study include history, architecture, and techniques of preservation and conservation. Earning a master's degree in Historic Preservation takes, on average about two years, while a PhD program can take several years.

Putting Your Degree to Work: Employment Opportunities in Historic Preservation

Once you have some training, search through the following sites to learn about job opportunities. (1) Preserve Net, hosted by Cornell University. (2) The National Trust for Historic Preservation also posts jobs. (3) The North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office provides links to jobs and descriptions of sub-fields within Historic Preservation.

The Professional Field of Historic Preservation

There are several national and countless regional organizations dedicated to preserving historic structures. Click on the links for more information.

#The National Trust for Historic Preservation

#Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

New Release (May 2013): The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation & Illustrated Guidelines on Sustainability for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings

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