Tusculum: The Building

The building's history is as fascinating as its future. Built about 1750, Tusculum was home to the mother of Sweet Briar College's founder. Its name is derived from an Italian ruin and symbolizes the lifestyle of the rural elites in colonial America. In 2006 the College purchased Tusculum for removal to the campus. Heartland Restoration meticulously performed the deconstruction. The building is currently stored on the Sweet Briar College campus.

An impressive structure for the Virginia frontier, this remarkable home was built using a hand-crafted, timber frame structural system. The signs of its craftsmanship are remarkably intact, including hand-hewn logs, wooden pegs, and detailed interior moldings and wainscoting.


Tusculum was meticulously dismantled by the Heartland Restoration Company.

A photograph taken during the 2007 deconstruction.