Tusculum: its neighborhood

"Clifford is a rural community that no longer resembles its early self: a bustling stop along the stagecoach route between Charlottesville and Lynchburg. The area was settled after the 1740s by primarily Scotch-Irish immigrants who named the settlement New Glasgow. A linear village was laid out before the Revolutionary War and soon developed into the largest urban area in Amherst County. In its heyday, the village was a center for commerce, entertainment and, for a brief period, the county government..."

More from Sandi Esposito's recent article on Clifford and its historic residents is available for purchase from the Lynch's Ferry Website.

David Garland

One of the 18th/19th-century neighbors was David Garland, a congressman, lawyer, and friend of Elijah Fletcher's family. When Elijah set out on horseback in 1810 to teach in North Carolina, David Garland (then living in D.C.) convinced him to take a position in New Glasgow instead.

The David Garland House "The Brick House" in downtown New Glasgow. Source: Library of Congress.