Tusculum: the town of New Glasgow

Tusculum sits within the historic community of New Glasgow (today called Clifford). In the 19th century, New Glasgow contained farms, shops, distilleries, taverns, and dozens of homes.

To read an article about New Glasgow, visit the Lynch Ferry Website to read an article by Joe Stinnett.

Special thanks to Sandi Esposito for identifying the points on this tour, and for taking the photographs to accompany this map. Her accompanying article can be found in the same issue of Lynch's Ferry Magazine.

Glebe House

Oakley House

St. Peters Church

Winton House

Bonus House

St. Marks Church

Saddlery House

Nash House

Po House

Intersection and Blacksmith House

Blacksmith House

Blacksmith House and Shop

Race Field Farm

Broady's Store

Pleasant Grove Church

Athlone House

Summerhill House

Thomas Jones House

George Linwood Jones House

Geddes House

Geddes Mountain Road
Boxley Farm.

Mountain View Main House


Swanson Jones House

Fletcher's Level Road

Clifford Baptist Church

Camperdown Grounds


Headmaster's House

Brick House

What's in a Name: New Glasgow

There isn't consensus on the origins of the name. One possibility is homesick Scottish settlers who named it after their capital city.

St. Mark's Church. New Glasgow (Clifford), Virginia.