Photos of Sweet Briar House & other Bldgs.

Sweet Briar House was the original farmhouse on the plantation. Built c. 1790 it was orignally called Locust Ridge. The asymmetrical Italianate towers (on either side) were added in 1854.

Front View of Sweet Briar House, c. 1929.

Front View of Sweet Briar House, 2008.

Eastern side of Sweet Briar House (showing the Garden Cottage), 2009.

Front of Sweet Briar House, 2008.

Eastern side of Sweet Briar House, side entrance, 2008.

Rear of Sweet BriarHouse, 2008.

Rear of Sweet Briar House, looking east, 2008.

Rear Chimney, 2008.

Slave Cabin, 2008.

Slave Cabin, 2008.

Garden Cottage, 2008.




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Topo Map of the structures:

1. Sweet Briar House

2. Slave Cabin (there is no dot for it, but it lies north of #3)

3. Garden Cottage, c. mid-19th. Used as a farm office for part of the 19thC.

4. Main Campus (Ralph Cram Buildings)

5. White Cemetery (plantation owners, Elijah Fletcher and his daughters)

6. Slave Cemetery

7. Route 29 (the main highway that accsses the college).