Annual Conference: Teaching with Historic Places

A workshop for K-12 educators
and historical organizations

June 14th, 2014
9:00 am to 3:30 pm

2014 Theme: Centennial of World War I

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Information on the 2014 Workshop

The conference is aimed at K-12 teachers, as well as curators and docents from historical societies or museums. Certified K-12 teachers will receive a stipend for participating. Museum and historical society professionals are welcome to attend. The fee will be $25. A light continental breakfast and lunch are included with registration. It will be held on the Sweet Briar campus in the Prothro Dining Hall. To register, please click on the link above.

"Teaching with Historic Places" is sponsored by the Tusculum Institute and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

2014 Conference Speakers:

Edward Lengel (Professor of History, University of Virginia)

Speaker Bio: Edward G. Lengel is Professor and Editor-in-Chief of the Papers of George Washington documentary editing project at the University of Virginia. He is the author of several books, including Inventing George Washington: America’s Founder in Myth and Memory (Harper, 2011); To Conquer Hell: The Meuse-Argonne, 1918 (Henry Holt, 2008); and This Glorious Struggle: George Washington's Revolutionary War Letters (Smithsonian Books, 2008). He also has appeared in documentaries about Washington on The History Channel, The National Geographic Channel, and The Weather Channel.

Chris Garcia (Education Director, Virginia War Museum)

Speaker Bio: Chris Garcia is a professional WWI re-enactor and enjoys studying military history. He has shared his love of military tactics with adults and children (through a WWII camp hosted by the Virginia War Museum).


Lynn Rainville (Director, Tusculum Institute)

Speaker Bio: Lynn Rainville received her PhD in Near Eastern archaeology but upon her arrival in Virginia (in 2001) she began to research historic African American communities. Her latest book is a guidebook to locating, researching, and protecting black graveyards, "Hidden History: African American cemeteries in central Virginia." In 2013 she turned her attention to the gravestones and cemeteries that mark the final resting places of WWI American soldiers buried in Europe.


Heather Sutton (Education Coordinator, Woodrow Wilson Museum)

Speaker Bio: Heather Sutton has a B.A. in Art and Historic Preservation from University of Mary Washington. And an M.A. in Curriculum Design and a graduate certificate in Museum Studies, both from the University of Hawaii. She has over 12 years of teaching experience; and has worked in two house museums, an art institute, and an internship at the National Gallery of Art.

Amanda E. Williams (Education Manager, MacArthur Memorial)

Speaker Bio: Ms. Williams is a graduate of Randolph-Macon Women’s College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Art History.  She also holds a Masters degree in History from Old Dominion University. Prior to coming to the MacArthur Memorial she worked as an archaeologist for Preservation Virginia (then the APVA) at Jamestown.

2014 Schedule & Registration

14 June 2014 - Schedule of Events

9:00 - Welcome, Dr. Lynn Rainville (Director, Tusculum Institute)

9:15 - "Remembering the Doughboys: America in World War I," Prof. Edward Lengel (Professor of History, University of Virginia).

10:15 - Please join us in welcoming, President Woodrow Wilson (Judd Bankert) Watch President Wilson in action.

Image courtesy of the National WWI Museum.

11:15 - Who's Who in the Great War - a brief historical interlude led by Dr Lynn Rainville (Tusculum Institute)

11:45 - "The Great War Trunk," presented by Heather Sutton (The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum)

12:30 - Lunch and a Discussion of Local WWI Memorials and Monuments, Dr Lynn Rainville (Tusculum Institute)

1:30 - "Muddling to Victory - The American Soldier in the First World War," Chris Garcia (Virginia War Museum)

2:30 - "Teaching the Great War," Amanda Williams, (The MacArthur Memorial)

3:30 - End of the Workshop