Enslaved Individuals

The US Census contains information on age, gender, and, occasionally occupation, but it does not provide proper names. One document that dees contain names is Elijah Fletcher's Will, penned six years before he died. In his will, Fletcher listed 67 individuals by name and grouped some of them into families, listed below using the same terminology employed by Elijah, e.g. "Edmund, Jane & their children." After Elijah's death, the 1860 probate of his affairs listed the division of enslaved families among three of his children.

Slaves Listed in Elijah Fletcher's 1852 Will

  • Robin and Nancy Lucy
  • Nancy Matthew and Ida
  • Nancy Wyatt Bob
  • Edmund, Jane & their children: Horace, Celia, Sarah, Frances, Virginia, Delphina, Pleasant, Geo. Washington, July, Emeline
  • Robinson Little Jane Albert Abraham Becca
  • Jimbo and Nic Caroline and Ellis
  • Daniel & his children: Moses, Julia, Nicy, Bristol, Martha, Cary, Joe, Beverly, Daniel Jr.
  • Nancy Collins & Harriet Archy and Rhoda
  • Ned, Pamelia & their children: Moses, Daniel, Archy, Edward, Alexander, Silla, Ellen
  • Tom, Hannah & their children: Martha, Rachel, Anid, Mourning, Marshall, Isham