Sustainability Begins with Historic Preservation

Preserving and taking care of what we have literally begins at home.


This website-with a special emphasis on Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region-provides the homeowner the tools he or she needs to:

  • weatherize a historic house in a way that is sensitive to its inherent "green" qualities and older materials;
  • renovate a historic home while saving money on energy costs; and,
  • apply for Federal and Virginia (state) rehabilitation tax credits.


Sustainability and preservation also extend to our neighborhoods and surrounding communities.


This website also provides information and tools for those interested in:

  • empowering themselves and others to preserve the built environment for future generations, and
  • learning about the inherently "green" aspects of historic preservation as a sustainable environmental practice.





Preservation/Conservation Fact

Demolition of 10,000 square feet of an old building wipes out the environmental benefit of recycling 2,688,000 aluminum cans See More Facts »

Beyond Green

Historic preservation means holding on to things that are well designed...

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Preservation House

Visit our interactive historic house to learn more about energy savings in historic buildings

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