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Visit the DHR Web Site to download copies of National Register nomination reports on registered places in your locality and to access DHR programs, services and staff.


For direct assistance, call your nearest DHR Regional Office: Capital Regional Preservation Office (Richmond)Ann Andrus 804-367-2323, ext 133


Northern Regional Preservation Office (Stephens City, Frederick County) David Edwards 540-868-7030


Roanoke Regional Preservation Office (Roanoke City) John Kern 540-857-7585


Sweet Briar Satellite Office (Sweet Briar College, Amherst) Bob Carter 434-381-6321


Tidewater Regional Preservation Office (Newport News) Randy Turner 757-886-2815

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Section 106

Get assistance with the 106 process and learn more about the regulations with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Preservation FACT:

A report from the Brookings Institution projects that by 2030 we will have demolished and replaced nearly 1/3 of all existing buildings, largely because the vast majority of them weren't designed and built to last any longer. How much energy will it take to demolish and replace those buildings? Enough to power the entire state of California for 10 years.